Bài giảng Tiếng Anh 6 - Unit 15: Countries


 rivers, lakes.

 *We have a lot of forests.

 *Vietnam has beaches.


Yes, it does.


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Welcome to our classTeacher: Nguyen Thanh Binha) What is your name?b) How old are you?I am.c) Where are you from?I am ..d) What is your nationality?I am from.My name is..c) How is your country?It is.Period: 95Thursday, April 18th, 2013Lesson 5: NATURAL FEATURES ( C1,2) UNIT 15: COUNTRIES1.Vocabulary:- forest(n):rừng- desert (n):sa mạc- rain (n,v): mưa- a lot of = lots of:nhiềuWhat does Lan tell us about? She tells us about mountains, rivers,lakes, rain, forests and beaches in Viet Nam.Match the words to the correct pictures :forestrainbeachdesert1234mountains rivers lakes rain forests beaches deserts 2.Model sentences: 	 mountains. 	 rivers, lakes. *We have a lot of forests. *Vietnam has 	 beaches. 	 rain. Does Vietnam have lots of mountains?Yes, it does.Example:No, it doesn’t. We should protect nature HOMEWORK:Learn by heart vocabularyPrepare C3

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