Bài giảng Tiếng anh Lớp 7 - Unit 7: The world of work

Read.Then answer the question.

New Words:

Independence Day (n)

Christmas ( n)

Easter ( n)

New Year’s Eve (n)

Thanksgiving (n)

Hear (v)

Celebrate (v)

Spend (v)

ngày Quốc Khánh

: lễ Giáng Sinh

: lễ Phục Sinh

: đêm giao thừa

: lễ Tạ Ơn

: nghe nói

: tổ chức

: sử dụng


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Welcome to our class 7TEACHER:NGUYEN THI TUOIThursday, November 28th, 2013UNIT 7 : THE WORLD OF WORKLesson 2: A2-3* New Words:Independence Day (n)Christmas ( n)Easter ( n)New Year’s Eve (n)Thanksgiving (n)Hear (v)Celebrate (v)Spend (v): ngày Quốc Khánh: lễ Giáng Sinh: lễ Phục Sinh: đêm giao thừa: lễ Tạ Ơn: nghe nói: tổ chức: sử dụngUnit 7: THE WORLD OF WORKLesson 2: A2-3‘‘‘‘A2. Read.Then answer the question.‘ Easter Thanksgiving Christmas Independence DayWhat and Where New Year’s Eve12345HOATIMAMERICAVIET NAM* True / False Predictions:TFFTTsummerTheir most important vacations are Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas . 1. Vietnamese students have fewer vacations than American students.2. American students have the longest vacation in the winter.3. They don’t have Tet holiday.4. Their most important vacation is New Year’s Day.5. They usually spend their time with families on Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays.* READ AND ANSWER THE QUESTIONSa. Which American vacation is the longest?b. What does Tim do during his vacation? During his vacation, Tim spends time with his family.c. Do Vietnamese students have more or fewer vacations than American ones?Summer vacation is the longest in America .Vietnamese students have fewer vacations than American students.* LISTEN AND WRITE THE NAME OF THE PUBLIC HOLIDAY.THANKSGIVINGINDEPENDENCE DAYNEW YEAR’S EVECHRISTMASabcdcdcEaster ChristmasNew Year’s DayHung Vuong anniversary.Tet holidayThanksgiving.Vietnamese Independence DayAmerican Independence Day1st of January Lunar 10th of March Late March or early April2nd of September The fourth Thursday of November4th of JulyLunar 1st of January 25th of December *MATCH THE HOLIDAY WITH THE TIME1+ ; 2+ ; 3+ ; 4+ ; 5+ ; 6 + ; 7+ 8+ chabgedf* SOME PICTURES ABOUT EASTEREASTER EGGSEASTER BUNNY* SOME PICTURES ABOUT THANKSGIVING* SOME PICTURES ABOUT THANKSGIVING*SOME PICTURES ABOUT CHRISTMAS*SOME PICTURES ABOUT CHRISTMASSOME PICTURES ABOUT THE INDEPENDENCE DAY IN AMERICASOME PICTURES ABOUT THE INDEPENDENCE DAY IN AMERICA*SOME PICTURES ABOUT TET IN VIET NAM*SOME PICTURES ABOUT TET IN VIET NAM* HOMEWORK Learn new words by heart. Read the letter and do the exercises again. Prepare part A4: - Find out the new words. - Answer the questions.Goodbye!Thank you

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