Bài giảng Tiếng Anh lớp 7 - Unit 8: Country life and city life

rural (a):

thuộc nông thôn

urban (a):

thuộc đô thị , thành phố

. typhoon

traän baõo lôùn

. flood



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What are these people doing ? They are selling newspapers.What are these women doing ? They are selling fruit along streets.What are these women and men waiting for ?They are waiting for jobs.- Why are so many people leaving their home ? - What problems do they cause ?Unit 8: COUNTRY LIFE AND CITY LIFEThursday, December 19th 2013Lesson 3: ReadWeek: 18Period: 52Unit 8. Country life and city life Lesson 3: Read(n) :I. New words:3. typhoontraän baõo lôùn4. flood(n) :traän luït5. drought(n) :naïn haïn haùn6. struggle(n) :söï ñaáu tranh7. strain(n) :söï quaù taûi (daân soá)8. migrant9. (to) increase : gia taêngdaân di cö(n) :1. rural 	 (a): 2. urban (a): thuộc nông thônthuộc đô thị , thành phốUnit 8. Country life and city life Lesson 4: Read(n) : traän baõo lôùnVocabulary- typhoon- flood(n) : traän luït- drought(n) : naïn haïn haùn- struggle(n) : söï ñaáu tranh- strain(n) : söï quaù taûi (daân soá)- migrant- (to) increase (v) : gia taêng(n) : daân di cö Many people from rural areas are leaving behind their traditional way of life and moving to the city. They believe that well-paying jobs are plentiful in the city. At home on the farm, life is always a struggle with nature. Typhoons,floods or droughts can easily destroy a harvest and leave the farmerwith little or no money until the following year. Often farmers lookfor other work when they need more money for their family.The increase in population, however, has led to overcrowding inmany cities. This puts a strain on schools and hospitals, as well aswater and electricity supplies. Increased pollution is anotherunpleasant result.There is also a human side to this tragedy. Families sometimes haveto live apart. In these cases, children may live at home with relatives,while their parents go and live in an urban area.Governments all over the world are trying to provide facilities forthese migrants, but it can be quite a problemREAD:1. rural area Matching 2. a well-paying job3. urban area4. (to) live apart5. (to) put a strain on6. overcrowding (n)7. a struggle with naturea. sèng c¸ch xa nhaub. dÉn ®Õn sù qu¸ t¶i c. vïng n«ng th«nd. c«ng viÖc ®­îc tr¶ l­¬ng caoh. qu¸ ®«ng ng­êie. cuéc ®Êu tranh víi thiªn nhiªng. vïng ®« thÞPeople from the countryside are (1) ________ their (2) _______ to go andlive in the (3)________. Farming can sometimes be a difficult life and these people from (4) __________ areas feel the (5) ________ offersmore opportunities. However, many people coming to the city create(6)_________ . There may not be enough (7) ________ or (8) __________,while water and electricity supplies may not be adequate. This is a (9)__________ facing governments around the (10) ______ .leavinghomecityruralcityproblemsschoolshospitalsproblemworld1. Complete the summary. Use information from passage. of the country side	 = 	as many as needed	= become greater or large	= a great pressure	= a terrible event	= of the city or city life	= ruralplentifulincreasestraintragedyurban2. Find the word in passage that means: Home work- Learn by heart the new words. - Write a passage about the reasons why many people are leaving their home for the city and problems they cause, - Prepare for the next lesson: Write / P.76 Good bye !

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